What’s in a name?

We often get asked, ‘Why Volta Compass for a name?’. This is a fantastic question, as it provides an insight into how a brand can really live its essence in an understated way.

Working through the brand development exercise we know so well, our founder Michele Curran considered words and emotions that reflected the character of the company ‘person’ that our clients would want to work with: a character that would meet their needs and they could rely on to make the changes they required to ensure their company reached its full potential.

So, what does Volta Compass stand for?

The word ‘Volta’ comes from the name Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta, the person credited with the invention of the electric battery. It also means ‘to turn’ in Italian.

This evokes the essence of energy, power and change in direction.

The word ‘Compass’ is after one of the iconic inventions of the world and evokes the essence of direction and journey.

The two words together, Volta Compass, evoke thoughts of energy, power, change and direction.

As experts in client-led marketing and communication, Volta Compass can help you shape your company image, reputation and sector position to deliver your wider business strategy and objectives – to help your company reach its full potential.