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First published on LinkedIn July 9, 2018

Posted by Michele Curran

July 27, 2018 | 3 min read
Take time for what matters - Volta Compass Ltd

Time is a very important resource in business. One of the reasons for a business failing to achieve its goals is that it is sometimes a struggle to invest time advantageously, colleagues need to be given the time to do the right thing properly, at the right time, to achieve the right outcome. So here are a few things I have learnt about using time wisely to help your business reach its full potential.

Take time to understand what you stand for

Take time to understand what you stand for, what is the value of it – to you and to other people? Do you know what your company is trying to achieve and your company values? Do you understand your client and supply chain drivers – what they are trying to achieve and, more importantly, how you can help them do that?

Take time to do what is needed

Take time to do what is needed – people can easily get distracted. Make sure to allocate dedicated time in your colleagues working day to focus on the requirement. Plan meetings ahead of schedule so people have time to research properly and collect their thoughts. Most importantly make time in your schedule to be accessible to those colleagues that could benefit from your counsel – they will really appreciate it and know that you are there to support them.

Take time for people that matter

Take time for people that matter – as you race towards success don’t forget the people who will make success count. Most successful people will tell you that they could not have been as successful as they are without the support of someone, whether it be family, friends or colleagues – everyone needs a support network. Let those important people know they matter. It may be a gesture, some words or a gift. Whatever you do to acknowledge them make sure they know they are important to you and your success.

Take time to celebrate success

Take time to celebrate success by reflecting on the achievement and acknowledge to yourself that you are successful. Celebrate peoples’ achievement. Take a moment to go up to them and say, “well done” when you are passing in the office. Company awards and internal recognition are a positive way of publicly celebrating business success and those that make it successful. Make sure that award submissions and an internal programme of recognition are part of your HR marketing and communication strategy – it helps with retention and attraction of talent.

Take time to be part of a community

Take time to be part of a community – be social, think about social responsibility and get your company involved. The social return on investment can be as powerful as the financial return on investment.

Take time to have some fun

Take time to have some fun – team bonding is fundamental to team success. Are you communicating effectively with your team to ensure you understand the skill-sets you have and the team dynamics available to develop ideas that will meet your company goals?

Understand what will make a difference and make time for it

Take time for what matters by understanding what will make a positive difference to your business and those in it. Time will help you achieve your company goals and help build business success. You need to focus on time resource when you are planning your communication and marketing strategies with your colleagues and clients. This can be challenging when you are running a busy company or large department.

Planning is so important and I always emphasis the need to take more time to plan when a client wants to do any marketing activity – it ensures you are applying your resources as efficiently as possible. Having someone with the time, and expertise, to plan your marketing and communication activity – and focus on maximising the return, frees up your time to focus other areas to ensure your company reaches its full potential.

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