SET to raise the bar

First published on LinkedIn June 28, 2018

Posted by Michele Curran

July 27, 2018 | 2 min read
SET to raise the bar - Volta Compass Ltd

Over the last few months I have looked at job roles that are being advertised and I have also been thinking about my skill-set and the expertise that I bring to the services Volta Compass offer. When you break down a role there are often several skill-sets required to fulfil that role. Most people do have a number of skills that are complementary or can enhance their skills based on their experience and knowledge to be able to undertake a role.

There is a lot of training and CPD opportunities out there from the formal education paths to short bursts of insight that inform and improve understanding of a subject area. I would recommend anyone to sustain a level of CPD activity and to dip into subjects that take you out of your comfort zone.

I was speaking to an organisation recently about marketing opportunities. The requirement included business development, strategic marketing, events planning, social media activity, content writing, photography … the list goes on.

The organisation had money to support a marketing role for a set period. To get all the skill-sets required, at the level they required them would be a tall-order for one person to undertake and, I would suggest, budget busting.

But this got me thinking about the opportunity that this budget busting request gave the organisation, and the marketplace. An opportunity that I think is under-utilised when trying to attract and retain talent.

If you require what is effectively a multi-role function why not spilt that function into the multi-roles on a job-share basis – so the job-share is based on expertise as well as time availability.

The job-share is based on expertise as well as time availability

This is not a new approach when putting bid teams or project teams together, but it is new when it comes to the recruitment of individual roles.

Creating a Subject Expert Team (SET) raises the bar when it comes to level of knowledge coming into the business, team dynamics, output and career opportunity.

The SET approach works across the recruitment spectrum. When more people are demanding more flexible working options, want to have a portfolio career or have other commitments they need to work around. It can also work on a contract or interim basis – the freelance community has exploded as more people look to gain freedom and flexibility in their career choices.

What you could also find is that freelancers will make alliances for you and provide a package solution to a SET challenge. This is something Volta Compass can do in their approach as a ‘Networked Business’ – ensuring clients have access to talent that bring with them knowledge and skills to ensure solution driven outcomes.

Taking a SET approach to your multi-functional role requirement will raise the bar in your business for knowledge transfer and outcomes.