Consultancy services

Working with Volta Compass gives our clients the confidence to focus on their priorities, while trusting us to deliver what we promise. Because we understand our clients’ goals and challenges so well, we devise solutions that exceed their expectations, add value and genuinely help the business to reach its full potential.

We understand how marketing and communication work together to support and grow the sales pipeline. Our approach helps your business by developing insight and a clear path to understanding how your service benefits your client.

Our talent is what powers and directs improvements for our clients.



Retaining customers and growing brand awareness are becoming increasingly challenging for B2B business. Clients are in charge; they are more willing, and able, to speak out about what they expect of their suppliers and their own experiences.

We believe in a value-led approach to marketing that puts greater focus on the client experience. No longer can you rely on your past success and reputation to retain clients and gain new ones. You need to be pre-empting their evolving needs and behaviours to maintain your position.

We can help you reach your potential in client-led marketing and achieve a competitive advantage by:

  • Building client insights and mapping the client experience through our Marketing MindSET programme
  • Developing a client-led marketing strategy that works with sales and operations to deliver your business objectives
  • Developing a tailored client engagement approach
  • Providing in-house training and mentoring on client-led marketing.



Keeping your clients aware and engaged through good communication builds a trusting relationship. In the absence of effective communication, no relationship can survive.

There are a variety of methods that a company can use to communicate with its client base and stakeholders; what is important is that you share the right information with the right people – this will directly, and indirectly, support the growth of your company.

We can help you reach your potential in external communication by:

  • Developing an external communication strategy that works with marketing and sales to deliver your business objectives
  • Website copywriting and editing
  • Case study writing
  • Public relations activity
  • Crisis Management.

Bid Support

Bid Support

Why should a client pick your company to deliver their work? A simple question, right? Without understanding your client’s drivers, the answer to this simple question could be the reason you fail to win work with a prospective client.

We work with our clients to really understand their clients’ drivers and develop a compelling response to the most difficult bid questions a client could pose. Preparation in the bid process and gathering evidence to support a client’s assertions are fundamental to a winning bid.

We can help you reach your potential in bid leadership and achieve a competitive advantage by:

  • Client research
  • Pre-qualification questionnaire response support
  • Bid coordination and writing
  • Qualitative bid review
  • Interview preparation.