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Marketing - Volta Compass


We believe in a client-led approach to marketing that puts greater focus on the client experience. No longer can you rely on your past success and reputation to retain clients and gain new ones. You need to be pre-empting their evolving needs and behaviours to maintain your position. Our approach to marketing helps you stay ahead.

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Communication - Volta Compass


There are a variety of methods that a company can use to communicate with its client base and stakeholders; what is important is that you share the right information with the right people – this will directly, and indirectly, support the growth of your company. We can help you reach your potential in external communication.

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Bid Leadership - Volta Compass

Bid Leadership

We work with our clients to really understand their clients’ drivers and develop a compelling response to the most difficult quality bid questions a client could pose. Preparation in the bid process and gathering evidence to support a client’s assertions are fundamental to a winning bid. We can help you reach your potential in bid writing leadership and achieve a competitive advantage.

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Four principles


Working hand in hand with you.


The right people, knowledge and skills.


Finding the best solutions.


Improved outcomes and ROI.

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